Are you looking for “real” biodegradable plastic?

Are you a company, which has sustainable and green strategy at its heart (triple bottom line)?

Do you think your customers in India and the rest of the world are looking for biodegradability of plastic for a range of polymers from PE to BoPP to PVC to ABS and PET and across applications?

Do you think Governments and courts in India are moving towards sustainable and biodegradable plastic as part of the solutions for solid waste management?

Are you fed up with trying self proclaimed expensive degradable plastics like Oxodegradable and PLA as biodegradable?


World’s First, Range of Biodegradable Additives to work across most polymers.




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Sustainability & Plastic Waste Management

Sustainability & Plastic Waste Management

"Biodegradable plastics are an important part of value chain of waste management and more awareness of these, there properties and advantages to the society should be perpetuated to the Governments and the courts, so that they can take informed decisions. NGOs and public should also make themselves fully armed with complete knowledge of different aspects of packaging and the value chain with different materials and there carbon, water and energy footprints and impact on the environment and health of human beings and then act. The concept of 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover would be highly beneficial for our country "....

For detailed article go to comprehensive article on biodegradable plastics in download section

How Does Works

How does EcoPure® works?

Plastics (polymers) are made of long molecular chains of molecules called monomers. Plastics are relatively new materials and are designed to be incredibly stable. The common perception is that these materials do not easily biodegrade and may last in the environment for centuries and possibly forever.

EcoPure® is an additive that enhances the biodegradability of otherwise non-biodegradable plastic products through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a microbe-rich environment such as a biologically active landfill. EcoPure® causes the plastic to be an attractive food source to certain soil microbes, encouraging the plastic to be quickly consumed.*

When an organic material biodegrades, the byproducts are: humus, methane and carbon dioxide. When EcoPure® treated plastics biodegrade the byproducts are the same as any organic material. The methane can even be collected and converted to useful energy.